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Contact details

Builder: Roel van der Heide
Phone: +31 (0)612 480166
Email: chiqane@planet.nl

(January 2014)

--------------------- History ----------------- part of the article Mororcycle magazine Issue #552 ---------------------
Read the complete article at: http://www.zeppelin-works.nl/III/MC/publicatie.htm

You can't help but admire someone who takes it on the chin and comes right back at you - and that's exactly what Dutch disciple of alternative chassis design Roel van der Heide has done five years on from being slated in print by yours truly, after inviting me in 1998 to ride his Honda Hawk-powered ChiQane I prototype. As I discovered firsthand at that shakedown test at Zandvoort, that particular bike was in dire need of some intensive RETD. Hinged in the middle, lacking stability and apparently a victim of the dreaded bump steer, this bike was definitely not right the first time around... Still, after garnering interest in the radical-looking hub-centre steered motorcycle at the Munich Show, van der Heide planned to follow advice and move up in capacity to a full 1,000 cc engine for his next model, which would provide a better test of the validity of his ideas than the worthy but rather puny 60bhp 52-degree Vtwin Revere motor ever could.

Read the complete article at: http://www.zeppelin-works.nl/III/MC/publicatie.htm